Paleo eating, my diet, and fudge

     People have asked what I ate during recovery. I didn’t share exact details in my book because I didn’t want people to feel like they should follow what I ate, because everyone has different needs. I certainly didn’t recover because of my diet (I am using the word “diet” in this sense to mean […]... Read More

“Triggering” Numbers (Weight, Calories), and Portia De Rossi

     Portia De Rossi’s (Portia DeGeneres) new eating disorder book Unbearable Lightness has received some criticism for centering too much on weight, calories, and food and exercise rituals.  Portia uses numbers (describing her weight, calorie intake, and exercise) extensively, and some critics say there is danger the book will give weight loss “tips” to […]... Read More

Not Another Excuse

     In traditional eating disorder therapy, patients are usually told their binge eating/purging is a symptom of deep underlying issues or a coping mechanism for life’s problems.  I do not believe it is, and I think this philosophy can give binge eaters/bulimics plenty of excuses to continue their destructive behavior.  I believe binge eating […]... Read More