Next Group Coaching Opportunity: September 2021

Registration is closed for the 2021 summer support group.

brain over binge group coaching

If you resonate with the Brain over Binge approach but you need extra help as you let go of your harmful food habits, we want to invite you to join our summer support group.  For 12 weeks, you’ll receive powerful coaching from me (Kathryn Hansen), and the new Brain over Binge one-on-one coach (Julie Mann), as well as support from others who are also breaking free of binge eating. 

Julie and I know we can help you in any area where you are feeling stuck, and guide you to create the changes you want. We are excited to be there for you and to answer your questions as you stop binge eating and transform your relationship with food.

The group will include:

  • Weekly Zoom calls for live coaching (12 total calls: 6 with Julie, 6 with Kathryn) 
  • Call recordings (each call will be 1 hour)
  • Forum for written support from other members and your coaches
  • No-expiration access to the Brain over Binge online course*

*Anyone who already purchased no-expiration access or subscription access to the course will receive a discount via email when registration opens.  

Registration now open!

Cost: $899 for an entire summer of support

Clicking above directs you to our payment portal. After payment is made, you will receive an email from Kathryn within an hour with further instructions. 

Call Info & Schedule:

On the live calls, we will meet you exactly where you are, meaning we will help you with whatever you need in that moment. We will coach members individually, while the whole group listens and learns from the conversations. Everyone in the group will have ample opportunity to receive individual attention.

Since you will have access to the Brain over Binge course to get all of the information you need, the calls will be all about gaining insight and clarity so that you can apply the concepts to your unique situation. We will help you uncover and overcome the thoughts and issues that are keeping you from ending binge eating for good.

All group calls will take place on Zoom on Wednesdays. Kathryn will coach you on 6 calls at 8pm and Julie will coach you on 6 calls at 12pm (Eastern Time, US).

June 9, 8pmET (Kathryn)

June 16, 12pmET (Julie)

June 23, 8pmET (Kathryn)

June 30, 12pmET (Julie)

July 7, 8pmET (Kathryn)

July 14, 12pmET (Julie)

July 21, 8pmET (Kathryn)

July 28, 12pmET (Julie)

August 4, 8pmET (Kathryn)

August 11, 12pmET (Julie)

August 18, 8pmET (Kathryn)

August 25, 12pmET (Julie)

Forum Details

The forum will be on the Brain over Binge course website (on a private page exclusive to support group members). You will be able to post and interact with other members 24/7. Additionally, you can ask direct questions to Kathryn or Julie in a separate section of the forum. You can expect a response from you coaches within 24 hours (Monday-Friday).

The forum will be a positive place, focused on solutions and developing your strengths as you  step into becoming the binge-free person we know you can be.

With 12 weeks of live coaching calls, a forum, and access to the Brain over Binge course, you will have all the tools you need to get binge eating out of your life.

In group coaching, everyone can learn from each other’s questions, and everyone can see that they are not alone and that no one is broken or incapable of a full recovery (at any age and any stage of the journey!)

You will learn to see how your thinking gets in your way and how to shift your thinking to make space for new actions and new results. One shift in thought can change your entire life, and we will guide you through this.

The group is an incredible value in that you will be freeing yourself from a problem that is taking away so much from you, and you can finally get your life back!  

People who already purchased no-expiration access to the course will receive a discount in the amount of the current full price of the course ($179 off), making the total price for the summer support group $720.

Anyone who has a current course subscription will receive a discount in the amount of approximately 7 months of the subscription ($80 off), making the total price for the summer group $819.

All course members will get their discount through a coupon code we will send via email on May 24th.  Please contact me at if you do not receive it.

The group’s focus will be on ending binge eating, but it is also a great option for those who have stopped binge eating and want to solidify their recovery. We will talk about other problematic eating issues as well, but if you do not deal with binge eating in any way, you may find that many discussions do not apply. If your primary issue is overeating or emotional eating, we recommend Cookie Rosenblum’s Freedom Group as a better fit, and Julie helps coach that group as well.

Simply click on one of the sign up buttons on this page. You will be directed to our payment portal, and after payment is made, Kathryn will contact you within 24 hours with instructions. Please read all terms, conditions, and disclaimers before joining.

Contact Kathryn Hansen ( or Julie Mann ( if you have additional questions.

Clicking above directs you to our payment portal. After payment is made, you will receive an email from Kathryn within an hours with further instructions. 

Get to know us in this live Zoom call, and hear our answers to many questions about the group.

Group is for individuals 18 and older. Kathryn and Julie are not medical doctors, psychologists, or nutritionists. The opinions and any advice received in group coaching, on this website, and/or in other Brain over Binge resources are not intended to replace the services of trained medical professionals. Eating disorders can have serious health consequences, and you are advised to seek medical attention for matters relating to your health and, in particular, matters that may require diagnosis or treatment.
Read the full terms, conditions, and disclaimers for group coaching.