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Brain Over Binge Kathryn Hansen

I’m Kathryn Hansen, and I stopped binge eating for good in 2005.

Since then, I’ve been dedicated to educating and empowering people who struggle with all forms of binge eating.

Listen to an excerpt from Lesson 8: Food Thoughts

Take back your life & stop out-of-control eating.

Our self-paced course guides you to freedom from bingeing, using a no-nonsense approach while providing structured guidance.

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Brain Over Binge Binging Recovery Help

Member Testimonials

  • “This course changed my life. I am so grateful to have found Kathryn’s podcasts which led me to this course. In the depths of my eating disorder, I had no hope and thought I would never get better. After taking this course, I feel like a new person and know I will continue to live a binge-free life.” – Susan, Course Member
  • “Kathryn’s program works! It’s simple, life changing, and has enabled me to free myself from a 36 year eating disorder!” – Jen, Course Member
  • “This course is exactly what I needed to hear! I’ve read countless books on the BED-topic (including Brain over Binge) before, without any success. The course is full of deep insights and packed with valuable and practical information. I really appreciate the rational and organized form everything is presented. I’m exceedingly thankful for the course – it has really changed my life!” – Justin, Course Member
  • “This course hit the mark on so many fronts. It was well organized and easy to use. I loved all of the audio recordings, including the informational Q&As. Most importantly, it spoke to me and helped me to solidify my decision to stop bingeing. Every week I learned something new that deepened my resolve to quit bingeing and enhanced my understanding of this terrible habit. Thank you Kathryn! This course was a wonderful addition to your two books.” – Francis, Group Member
  • “I came into this course desperate, defeated, and hopeless. Kathryn’s approach has quickly restored my confidence that I can overcome binge eating! I do not have a disease but just a temporary glitch in my brain that can be rewired. Thank you, Kathryn, for restoring my confidence and control over my own body and mind!” – Caley, Course Member

Self-Paced Online Course

  • 8 Lessons, 116 sections
  • 30+ Coaching and Mindfulness tracks
  • 24 Worksheets
  • 90+ Q&A recordings
  • On-the-go access via mobile app
  • Weekly advice emails
  • Transcripts included for all tracks
  • 20+ Instagram Live recordings
  • Available via subscription or a one-time fee

$18.99 / month
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Group Coaching

  • Everything from the Course level plus…
  • Weekly Group Calls with certified coach Julie Mann (10AM EST Sundays)
  • Recordings of every Group Call
  • Group forum access for advice and accountability & interaction with other members
  • Ongoing support from Julie Mann
  • Extra lesson and resources on a variety of recovery topics

$159 / month
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1 on 1 Coaching with Kathryn or Julie is also available! Learn more


Meet Your Coach, Julie Mann

After almost 40 years of struggling, Julie overcame binge eating and other harmful food behaviors. She used Brain over Binge as a big part of her own recovery, and she has a deep understanding of the brain-based principles, as well as thorough knowledge of mindfulness.

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