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Do you feel hijacked by urges to eat huge quantities of food?

Does your binge eating making you feel out of control,
and lead to shame and regret?

Have you tried to quit without success?

When binge eating causes you so much pain in your life, but you can’t seem to stop, it’s easy to ask WHY?

Why would you possibly be doing this to yourself?

You may have already discovered the commonly stated reasons for binge eating.  Typical websites, books, and programs for binge eaters will tell you the answers are rather complex.

Mainstream theories and therapy say binge eating is:

  • A coping mechanism for difficult emotions

  • A symptom of underlying psychological problems

  • A sign of a disease

  • A food “addiction” that you are powerless against


But, on the Brain over Binge website, you’ll learn:

  • You are not diseased or flawed 

  • Your brain is healthy   

  • You don’t have an inability to cope

  • You have power over binge urges

  • You can end bulimia and binge eating disorder, without a major personal transformation

The reality is, mainstream treatments for binge eaters aren’t producing high recovery rates.  If what you’ve tried so far isn’t working, you are definitely not alone.

Here you’ll find an alternative perspective and way of dealing with the problem. The Brain over Binge approach provides a more hopeful outlook and a clear-cut solution.

With the Brain over Binge approach, you’ll be focusing on the actual problem, not your other issues and emotions that only have an indirect relationship to the binge eating itself, if those problems are related at all (most problems aren’t actually related).

The Brain over Binge answers to WHY you binge are not complicated,
and are actually rooted in your own HEALTHY brain.

As humans, we have wonderful cognitive abilities; but we also have a primitive nature that’s only concerned with our survival and pleasure.

It’s this primitive part of us that becomes temporarily dysfunctional in binge eating.

Binge eating is actually a very natural, but “primitive” brain response to restrictive dieting and/or the repeated overconsumption of highly stimulating foods.

Nothing is wrong with you. Binge eating is not what you actually want or need;  but if you don’t understand what’s going on in your brain, you’ll continue to be overpowered by your urges to binge.

To help you understand more about what I’m talking about, I’ve put together a 22-page eBook that details all of the basics of the Brain over Binge approach. The eBook will help you understand why you binge in a no-nonsense way. Then it will give you practical concepts to help you stop. You can get the eBook for FREE by signing up below for my monthly newsletter and occasional updates.


A little more about the eBook:

You will find simple information to help you zero in on the real cause of binge eating–the urges to binge–and stop letting those urges control you. You’ll learn that the urges don’t have deep emotional meaning, but instead, those urges are only junk from the primitive brain and aren’t worthy of your time and attention. You’ll learn to let the urges come and go without assigning them any significance or value, and most importantly–without acting upon them.


*Disclaimer:  The opinions and any advice on this website and in the Brain over Binge books are not intended to replace the services of trained medical professionals. Eating disorders can have serious health consequences, and you are advised to seek medical attention for matters relating to your health and, in particular, matters that may require diagnosis or treatment.  The author and publisher disclaim any liability arising directly or indirectly from the use of this information.