Brain over Binge Books

Brain over Binge, Second Edition (2022): After completely and independently conquering a debilitating eating disorder, Kathryn Hansen wrote Brain over Binge to share her struggle—and her escape from it—with those still trapped in the compulsive binge-purge cycle. Since the book’s initial release in 2011, it has endured as an essential road map for using the power of the brain to erase harmful habits and create lasting change.

Brain over Binge is both a memoir and a scientific account, providing a gripping personal narrative and a research-based perspective on bulimia and binge eating disorder. Kathryn traces the course of her own condition and then describes in detail her unconventional approach to recovery. In the process, she offers a much-needed alternative viewpoint on the landscape of eating disorder literature to help others in the throes of any form of out-of-control eating.

The mainstream view of bulimia holds that it’s a complex disorder that manifests as a means of coping with deep underlying emotional and psychological problems. But the author resolutely departs from this philosophy, cuts through the confusion she experienced in traditional therapy, and simplifies both the origins of binge eating and its cure. As Kathryn explains the brain-based principles that led to her recovery from relentless bingeing and purging, Brain over Binge sheds current and crucial light on our human potential to overcome destructive patterns and reclaim our lives.

[The second edition is not a fundamentally different book than the first edition, but Kathryn streamlined concepts, clarified important points, added insights that more accurately reflect her current beliefs, included new information and research, and shared some details about her life since recovery. There is also a new chapter at the end containing the inspiring recovery stories of others who have used the brain-based concepts in their own unique ways to end their struggles with food.]