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This book is a much-requested follow-up to Brain over Binge (2011), in which the author shared how she used a basic understanding of neuroscientific principles to overcome bulimia. In this sequel and companion volume, with the help of fellow specialists and authors Amy Johnson, Ph.D., Katherine Thomson, Ph.D., and others, Kathryn Hansen lays out those same principles—and many more—in a self-help format that encourages and enables binge eaters to recover efficiently and effectively.

Although recovery is not the same for everyone, this book posits that there are only two essential goals that must be met to end bulimia and binge eating disorder: (1) learning to dismiss urges to binge and (2) learning to eat adequately. As you work toward these goals with a streamlined focus, you will discover your own strength, develop your own insights, and put into practice ideas and behaviors that work uniquely and authentically for you.

The Brain over Binge Recovery Guide is comprehensive in its length and scope, but utterly simple in its approach: You will read and use only what you need—continuing on inthe book if you feel you need more information and guidance; putting it down and moving on with your life when you feel you’re ready—so that you can start living binge-free as quickly and easily as possible.

Pages:  378       ISBN:   0984481745       Dimensions:  6 x 1 x 9      Language:  English

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*”Brain over Binge” and “The Brain over Binge Recovery Guide” are self-published and are not available in bookstores at this time.*


“Kathryn’s latest Recovery Guide is brilliant! She breaks down the science and explains in an easy to understand language how to stop binge eating.  This is a must read for anyone looking to finally get a handle on their unhealthy eating patterns.  “Brain over Binge” was an absolute game changer for me.  I struggled for 20 years and after reading Kathryn’s first book I never binged again. She just gets “it” and by reading her books you will too!”   – Stacey Cohen, Integrative Health & Lifestyle Coach (


“‘The Brain over Binge Recovery Guide,” by Kathryn Hansen, is a deep dive into the concepts of her original book, “Brain over Binge.”  I’m so grateful for this book!  Kathryn helps her readers truly understand the nature and origin of their greatly dreaded urges to binge.  This helps put the power of choice back into the hands of all women out there who suffer with disordered eating. 

She insightfully anticipates the typical roadblocks her readers will experience, and, in her compassionate expert manner, gives us very actionable and understandable alternate ways to think and behave.  Kathryn also includes a valuable section in the book that all in recovery will want to read: understanding what comes next and how to re-learn to eat naturally.

 I loved “Brain over Binge” and will now have another excellent resource to share with my own clients who struggle with binge eating.”  – Cookie Rosenblum, MA, Master Weight Loss Coach, Author of Clearing Your Path to Permanent Weight Loss (


“Kathryn’s approach to overcoming binge eating is the most useful and effective I have ever found. I searched for years and came in contact with many great ideas and counsel, but none of it made a difference for me.  After struggling for years as a binge eater and feeling totally out of control, I read Kathryn’s book and have literally never gone back to my binge eating patterns. 

Kathryn’s writings take all the emotion, drama, and romantics out of the eating disorder and simply deliver pure, rational principles in an easy and understandable way. She comes in, delivers material that actually works, drops the mic and then gets on with life. What’s left over is all of us getting on with life too. 

The writing is straight forward & empowering with zero emotional manipulation or false hope. Her style is incredibly pure and the intent is clear that this is just to help you get better and nothing more. And it has transformed my life forever. 

Her second book does a phenomenal job of answering the “now what?” questions that were only made possible with the effectiveness of “Brain Over Binge.” Even as a recovered bulimic, I was able to glean so much insight and transformation in normal eating and how to better feel at peace with the way I do on of the most basic of life actions – eat! This is not a “how to” guide or a “plan” for eating. This is a principle based approach that is also actionable.  

Thank you Kathryn for being willing to share your story and change the rest of ours. ” –  Lydia Wente, Lifestyle Coach (


Kathryn’s book is a game changer.  It’s transformative both for people with bulimia but also for therapists and treatment centers alike. I’ve been coaching clients for years on bulimia recovery and the techniques Kathryn suggests are spot on with the methods my clients use to achieve lasting recovery. I’d recommend to anyone who’s looking for a new approach to traditional therapy or who has had recovery relapses to give Kathryn’s techniques a try.” – Polly Mertons, Eating Disorder Recovery Coach (




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In Brain over Binge, Kathryn Hansen traces the course of her bulimia and describes in detail her unconventional approach to recovery. In the process, she offers a much-needed alternative perspective to the canvas of eating disorder literature to help others struggling with any form of binge eating.

The mainstream view of bulimia holds that it is a disease that manifests as a means of coping with deep underlying emotional problems. But the author persuasively argues that in her case, this philosophy actually encouraged more binge eating. For her, it really was about the food. Kathryn’s candid account cuts through the confusion she experienced in traditional therapy and simplifies both the origins of bulimia and its cure in a fresh, intriguing, and always clear voice.

Brain over Binge is a brave book that has helped many by delivering an informed and inspiring message of free will, self-reliance, and self-control.

Pages:  328       ISBN:   0984481702       Dimensions: 5.5 x .7 x 8.5      Language:  English

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