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Brain over Binge is a brave book that has helped many by delivering an informed and inspiring message of free will, self-reliance, and self-control.

In her first book, Brain Over Binge (2011), Kathryn Hansen traces the course of her bulimia and describes in detail her unconventional approach to recovery. In the process, she offers a much-needed alternative perspective to the canvas of eating disorder literature to help others struggling with any form of binge eating.

The mainstream view of bulimia holds that it is a disease that manifests as a means of coping with deep underlying emotional problems. But the author persuasively argues that in her case, this philosophy actually encouraged more binge eating. For her, it really was about the food. Kathryn’s candid account cuts through the confusion she experienced in traditional therapy and simplifies both the origins of bulimia and its cure in a fresh, intriguing, and always clear voice.

Brain over Binge Recovery Guide Book Cover

The Brain Over Binge Recovery Guide is a much-requested follow-up to Brain over Binge.  This book goes beyond Kathryn’s personal story, and helps you implement the brain-based principles in your own life.

With the help of fellow specialists and authors Amy Johnson, Ph.D., Katherine Thomson, Ph.D., and others, Kathryn uses a self-help format to guide binge eaters toward an efficient and effective recovery.

Although recovery is not the same for everyone, this book posits that there are only two essential goals that must be met to end bulimia and binge eating disorder: (1) learning to dismiss urges to binge and (2) learning to eat adequately. As you work toward these goals with a streamlined focus, you will discover your own strength, develop your own insights, and put into practice ideas that work uniquely and authentically for you.

The Brain over Binge Recovery Guide is comprehensive in its length and scope, but utterly simple in its approach, so that you can start living binge-free as quickly and easily as possible.

Download the Brain over Binge Recovery Guide Charts.

Brain over Binge Basics Free PDF

Brain over Binge Basics is a free pdf to introduce you to the Brain over Binge approach.

To help you get started, I’ve created a free Brain over Binge pdf to guide you in learning the basics of this alternative approach to recovery. This is an easy-to-follow, 30-page eBook that teaches you a simple and practical way to end bulimia and binge eating disorder. You will learn why you binge and what you can do to take control back!