Episode 29: Getting Out of the Diet Cycle: Interview with Lydia the Lifestyle Coach

Kathryn talks with Lydia the Lifestyle Coach about the harmful nature of restrictive dieting and its ineffectiveness as a weight-loss strategy. Lydia explains how she helps women and men end dieting and move toward a healthy relationship with food.  Lydia also discusses the importance of body acceptance in recovery.

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Lydia the Lifestyle Coach has helped 100’s of women finally be at peace with food.  She uses a combination of neuroscience and mindfulness to end food habits women don’t want and create ones they do.  Lydia teaches how to create sustainable, lasting change using nothing but your brain and some common household items.  PLUS, you don’t need the household items!  A pioneer in the “eating disorder comedy” genera, she specializes in helping people have freedom from food crazies like binge eating & bulimia. 

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