Episode 54: Stop Purging in Binge Eating Recovery: Interview with Ali Kerr

In Episode 54, Kathryn discusses purging with Ali Kerr, the author of The Binge Code and the Bulimia Help Method, and the founder of HealED coaching. Ali talks about her experience overcoming self-induced vomiting and binge eating, and gives useful advice to help you put an end to harmful purging behaviors.

There were several resources mentioned in this episode, all of which are linked below:

Ali Kerr’s Resources and Books:

One-on-one coaching (HealED)

Stop Purging Guide

Tips to Help You Stop Purging (Guest Blog Post on BrainoverBinge.com)

The Binge Code

The Bulimia Help Method

Kathryn’s Resources and Books:

Podcast episodes that address purging: Episode 23, and Episode 48

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Audio Coaching

Brain over Binge 

The Brain over Binge Recovery Guide