Ep 60 Daily Motivation to Stay Binge-Free During the Holidays

In Episode 60, Kathryn talks about motivation and gives you one of her coaching sessions that focuses on staying motivated to dismiss binge urges each day. You can use this coaching session over the holidays (especially on days that feel challenging) to remind yourself why you want to avoid binge eating.

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*Important note about changes to the delivery of coaching audios:
If you’ve listened to older episodes, you may remember that the coaching audios used to include a feature where you could receive a text with a link to the audio, as a reminder to listen. There was also an option to get the audios in your podcast app or the links via email. Those features are no longer available to new users (existing users can access those features for 1 year from your start date). Now the coaching audios are all on a members-only website, which simplifies and streamlines how you receive them, and also lowers the price. Once you get access to the website, you can login and listen to the audios anytime, and you can also download them to your device.

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