episode 42

Episode 42: The Power of Mindfulness in Binge Eating Recovery: Interview with Fernanda (Life on Tellus)

In Episode 42, Kathryn interviews Fernanda, from Life on Tellus, about using mindfulness to help end binge eating and find freedom around food. Fernanda discusses how she used mindfulness and meditation in her own recovery, and how she teaches those skills to the people she coaches. This conversation dives into some of the science behind mindfulness […]... Read More
Hold on, I need to overthink about it.

Are You Overthinking in Recovery? (A Spiritual Perspective) – Guest Post by Tania Veronese

Today’s blog post is brought to you by Tania Veronese, a qualified Transpersonal Life Coach and Healer who specializes in emotional and binge eating challenges. Tania supports spirit-seekers to reclaim who they have always been and set themselves free. This post addresses overthinking recovery as it relates to spirituality, but it can apply to so many other […]... Read More