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Affordable Help: An Alternative to One-on-One Coaching

If you’ve read my blog posts or listened to my podcast, you’ve likely heard about my 8-Week Course. The course will be starting soon (at the time I’m publishing this post), but instead of just listing the features and benefits, I want to talk from the heart a little about this course. I wrote Brain over […]... Read More
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Are You Still Acting on Urges to Binge? Tips for Binge Eaters who are Struggling in Recovery: Part 2

In order to end the binge eating habit, it’s necessary to stop acting on the urges to binge. You are trying to de-condition a habit, and to do that, you want to stop reinforcing the brain pathway that leads you to binge. Once the binge urges no longer lead to binge eating, the brain will […]... Read More
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Episode 55: What a “Simple” Approach to Binge Eating Recovery Means (And What it Doesn’t Mean!)

In Episode 55, Kathryn explains why she uses the word “simple” to describe the Brain over Binge approach.  You’ll learn that a “simple” approach is not the same as a “just quit” approach.  At the end of the episode, you’ll learn about getting more guidance in recovery from the upcoming Brain over Binge 8-Week Course. […]... Read More

New Book Available (in Paperback) on Amazon

My new book, The Brain over Binge Recovery Guide: A Simple and Personalized Plan for Ending Bulimia and Binge Eating Disorder is now available in paperback format on Amazon. The Kindle version will be coming soon (by Jan 25th), and I will announce on the blog/website when it’s available. (*This title is not in bookstores. I self-publish, and my books are for sale […]... Read More

“The Brain over Binge Recovery Guide” (second book Update)

I’ve been avoiding writing this post, because I have to (yet again) say that my second book is not published yet. The good news, however, is that it is currently undergoing it’s final edit! (On a side note, I highly, highly recommend my editor, Cindy Nixon to any author). Once Cindy is finished her edit, I need […]... Read More