8-Week Course

*Registration is OPEN!  Course begins November 18th!*


If you’ve heard about the 8-Week Course in the past, I want to tell you about some changes I’ve made to the course format.

As you may know if you listen to the podcast or follow my blog, Master Coach Cookie Rosenblum and I ran an 8-Week Group Course together for a few years, and she had to take 2018 off of work in order to deal with a health condition. I’m so happy to report that Cookie is doing well, and is back to work. However, she is now putting all of her energy into her own group for emotional eating. Cookie and I loved the work we did together, but she will no longer be a part of the Brain over Binge course.

I did a lot of thinking about the course and how to best help people going forward, and I decided that the 8-Week Course will no longer have the same type of group setting as it did in the past

The group format was helpful and successful, and I feel so fortunate that I’ve been able to work with so many amazing women and men. But, the group format also had challenges – for example, different time zones making it impossible for many members to attend the live group calls.

The 8-Week Course is now a guided 8-weeks for each individual, instead of a group experience. This means that there are not live calls, and there is not a Facebook group.

I’ve replaced the live calls and Facebook group with over 80 Q&A audios that you will receive throughout the course. The Q&A audios cover nearly every question I’ve been asked over the years by women and men in my groups and in one-on-one coaching. One of the benefits of these changes is that the price of the course is now half of what it used to be. I hope this makes the course accessible to more people who need it!  (The 8-Week Course is now $199).

Learn more about the course and sign up HERE and see below for commonly asked questions


FAQ’s about the 8-Week Course

1.) How is the new version of the Brain over Binge 8-Week Course different than the Brain over Binge Independent Study Course

The difference is twofold: First, there is a difference in how you get the lessons and resources. In the Independent Study Course, you get all of the lessons and resources right away, and you go through them at your own pace. In the 8-Week Course, you’ll get the lessons and resources on a highly structured timeline throughout the 8-weeks. You will also receive emails from Kathryn every weekday that will guide you, and ensure that you know exactly what to do in each lesson.

The second difference involves Q&A audios. The 8-Week Course includes 5 detailed Q&A audios within each of the 8 lessons, and a longer Q&A recording (about an hour) every other week that answers 8 or 9 questions. Plus there is a bonus Q&A audio at the end of the course! In total, there are over 80 questions answered on these audios (the Independent Study Course does not include Q&A audios). This means that as you go through the 8-Week course, you’ll continuously gain more clarity and receive more guidance surrounding various issues that may come up for you.
*If you were/are a member of the Independent Study Course or any previous Brain over Binge 8-Week Course, and you want to take the upcoming 8-Week Course, please email me (kathryn@brainoverbinge.com) when registration opens to receive special repeat member pricing.


2.) Can you explain exactly what you’ll get during each week of the 8-Week course?

Each week will follow the same format. You’ll get 1 lesson per week, which will be released gradually on the course website, as follows:

Monday: A Welcome Audio (average of 5 minutes), an Audio Lesson (average of 30 minutes), and at least 2 worksheets will be added to the course website. You’ll also receive an instructional email explaining the week’s materials.

Tuesday: 1 or 2 coaching audios will be added to the course website. You’ll receive an email explaining how to use these coaching audios.

Wednesday: You will receive an email with tips and encouragement from Kathryn.

Thursday: 5 Q&A audios related to the lesson will be added to the website. You will receive an email notification and explanation of these audios.

Friday: On the 2nd, 4th, 6th, and 8th Friday of the course, you will receive an extensive Q&A recording from Kathryn that is about an hour long. These recordings cover common questions you may have and relate to the course material that’s been released so far. On the Fridays that you do not receive a Q&A recording, you will receive an email from Kathryn that includes recovery advice.

As you can see, you will receive resources and/or emails from Kathryn every weekday. You will not receive any new material on the weekends, but that’s a great time to catch up on any audios or worksheets from the week and reinforce what you’ve learned.

*The first 4 weeks of the course focus on learning to dismiss urges to binge, which is Recovery Goal 1 of the Brain over Binge approach, and the last 4 weeks of the course focus on learning to eat adequately, which is Recovery Goal 2 of the Brain over Binge approach.

3.) Will you ever offer the old version of the 8-Week Course again, with the Facebook Group and live group calls? 

Although nothing is completely certain in life, I do not plan to offer that version of the course in the future. The original course that I created with Cookie Rosenblum was very successful; however, based on life and work changes for both Cookie and me, we are unable to continue that version of the course. I hope this new version will allow the course to be more accessible and affordable to more people who need it, and eliminate some of the challenges of a group format. Everyone is highly individual, which is why I want to give you all of the resources you need to be successful, as well as give you an extensive library of Q&A recordings that you can use to help you stay on your own path to recovery.

4.) Are the coaching audios in the 8-Week Course the same as the coaching audios in Recovery Goals Coach?

Yes, the 14 coaching audios in the 8-Week Course are the same as the 14 coaching audios in Recovery Goals Coach. I offer the coaching audios separately in Recovery Goals Coach for those who feel they don’t need the whole course, but only some daily reinforcement and motivation from the coaching audios.
*If you already purchased the Recovery Goals Coach Audios, please email me (kathryn@brainoverbinge.com) for a further discount on the 8-week course.


5). How long will I have access to the materials of the 8-Week Course?

You will have access to the private course website for 6 months from the start date of the course. This includes the 8 weeks of the course, plus an additional 4 months for you to download anything you want to save for the future (the course audios are in MP3 format and the worksheets are PDF’s).

6). Will I need to buy your book, the Brain over Binge Recovery Guide, from Amazon in order to complete the course successfully?

The book is not required to complete the course, and you can be successful in the course with or without the book. The course gives you everything you need in a guided way, but in each lesson of the course, there is “optional” reading from the Brain over Binge Recovery Guide, if you want to dive deeper.

7.)  How do I sign up?

Registration is now open. You can Sign up here!