Brain over Binge Course

The course is now self-paced and you can start anytime!


The course content has not changed in 2020, but the way the course is delivered is new.

The short version is that you can now get the course at any time and get all of the lessons and resources right away and go through it in a way that works for you. (Previously, the lessons were gradually released during an 8 week timeline).

If you want to hear more about this change, I’ve discussed it in detail below…

2019 was a year of transition for the Brain over Binge Course. If you’ve followed my podcast, blog, or newsletter for a while, you know that there were 2 courses for a long time – the Independent Study Course and the Brain over Binge 8-Week Group Course.

In an effort to streamline, simplify, and improve what I offer to help binge eaters, I transitioned down to only one course – the Brain over Binge 8-Week Course, which I ran 5 times in 2019, and early 2020. Each round of the course had a specific start date, and the resources were released gradually over 8 weeks.

As of February 13th, 2020, the course no longer has a specific start date. You can begin the course ANY time. You get all of the resources immediately after registration, and you receive clear instructions about how to progress through the course at your own pace.

The course still has 8 lessons that you can complete over 8 weeks if you want, or on your own timeline, and it is simply called the Brain over Binge Course.

The content of the Brain over Binge Course is exactly the same as the Brain over Binge 8-Week Course. Like I’ve mentioned, the only thing that has changed is the way the content is delivered.

You’ll get all of the materials of the Brain over Binge Course on a members-only course website. All of the instructions and recovery advice that was previously received in daily emails (in the 8-week version) is now incorporated into the course website.

The reason for this change is based on feedback from members- the majority of people want to start anytime, and get the materials right away, and move at their own pace. They have said it would be helpful to have the ability to jump ahead to get a question answered about a topic that’s covered later in the course, or to spend extra time on a lesson if they need to.

Thank you for being patient with the changes in the course! I hope it hasn’t been too confusing up to this point, but going forward, it will be clear with just the one course option (plus you can still get the coaching audios separately!)

GET THE COURSE NOW and see below for commonly asked questions


FAQ’s about the Brain over Binge Course


1.) How is the new version of the Brain over Binge Course different than the old Brain over Binge Independent Study Course? 

Like the old Independent Study Course (now off sale), the Brain over Binge Course is self-paced. All of the audios in the Brain over Binge Course are new (aside from the coaching audios), and although they contain many of the same basic concepts, I believe they are much improved.  A major difference relating to the new audios is that this new course contains Q&A audios.

There are 5 detailed Q&A audios within each of the 8 lessons, and a longer Q&A recording (about an hour) every other lesson that answers 8 or 9 questions. Plus there is a bonus Q&A audio at the end of the course! In total, there are 84 questions answered on these audios (the Independent Study Course did not include Q&A audios). This means that as you go through the Brain over Binge Course, you’ll continuously gain more clarity and receive more guidance surrounding various issues that may come up for you.
You should also know that the Independent Study Course was a joint effort from myself and Cookie Rosenblum, and Cookie is no longer a part of the new course.
If you were/are a member of the Independent Study Course or any previous Brain over Binge 8-Week Course, and you want to take the new version of the course, please email me ( when registration opens to receive special repeat member pricing.


2.) How is the course different from the Brain over Binge books and podcast?

The course is based around the same concepts as the books and podcast, but it’s designed to guide you in a more incremental way, so that you can better apply it in your own life. The audio lessons take the most important information from the books and break it down for you in a way that is accessible and practical. Many people learn better with a structured approach, rather than by reading a book, but you know yourself best, so use what works for you!

The course also contains the 84 Q&A audios, and many of the topics discussed aren’t discussed in the books or podcast, and if they are, the discussions on the Q&A audios are more detailed and relatable. Also, you can find a question you have and click on the audio to get a thorough answer right away, which is a lot more convenient than trying to find what you need in a 300+ page book. You also get the 14 coaching audios to keep you focused and motivated, and a bonus coaching audio to help you when you are feeling the urge to binge.

There are 115 total audios throughout the course, so if you are someone who learns well with audio or if you like to listen while doing other things you need to do, then the course could be a great fit for you. So yes, the approach in the course is fundamentally the same as it is in the books, but people find the structure, guidance, accessibility, Q&As, and coaching audios extremely valuable.


3.) Can you explain exactly what you’ll get during each lesson of the course?

Each lesson follows the same format.  Here is what you’ll get in each lesson:

Welcome Audio (average of 5 minutes)

Audio Lesson (average of 30 minutes)

2 worksheets (and more in many lessons)

1 or 2 Coaching Audios (5-7 minutes each)

Recovery Advice & Tips from Kathryn  (As you go through the lessons, you will be able to read messages on the course website from Kathryn, to guide you along the way. *Note that this course does not include personal one-on-one or group coaching.)

5 Q&A Audios (5-15 minutes each, related to the lesson).

Extensive Q&A Recording – every other lesson (about 1 hour long). These recordings cover 8 or 9 common questions you may have as you make progress in the course. (Plus a Bonus Q&A recording at the end of Lesson 8, answering 11 more questions)

*The first 4 lessons of the course focus on learning to dismiss urges to binge, which is Recovery Goal 1 of the Brain over Binge approach, and the last 4 lessons of the course focus on learning to eat adequately, which is Recovery Goal 2 of the Brain over Binge approach.


4.) Will you ever offer the old version of the 8-Week Course again, with the Facebook Group and live group calls? 

Although nothing is completely certain in life, I do not plan to offer that version of the course in the future. The original course that I created with Cookie Rosenblum was very successful; however, based on life and work changes for both Cookie and me, we are unable to continue that version of the course. I hope this new version will allow the course to be more accessible and affordable to more people who need it, and eliminate some of the challenges of a group format. Everyone is highly individual, which is why I want to give you all of the resources you need to be successful, as well as give you an extensive library of Q&A recordings that you can use to help you stay on your own path to recovery.


5.) Are the coaching audios in the Course the same as the coaching audios in Recovery Goals Coach?

Yes, the 14 coaching audios in the Brain over Binge Course are the same as the 14 coaching audios in Recovery Goals Coach. I offer the coaching audios separately in Recovery Goals Coach for those who feel they don’t need the whole course, but only some daily reinforcement and motivation from the coaching audios.
*If you already purchased the Recovery Goals Coach Audios, please email me ( for a further discount on the course.


6). How long will I have access to the materials of the Brain over Binge Course?

You will have access to the course website for as long as it is available, which I hope will be for many, many years. I do not have any plans to change the course in the future (aside from possible small improvements that you’ll get access to), but I do not believe that promising lifetime access is realistic, considering the ever-evolving and changing nature of technology and life in general. If I need to end the course in the future, you will still get at least 1 year of access from the date you purchased. I will also give you 2 weeks notice if I ever decide to change or replace an audio or worksheet, so that you can download and save it first.

7.)  How do I sign up?

Registration is open all of the time. You can sign up here.