8 Week Group Course (Alternative Option for Support & Coaching)


 IMPORTANT NOTICE:  The early 2018 course has been postponed while Cookie deals with a health issue.

If you want help now, please read below to learn about another option that will give you most of the same features as the 8-Week Course, plus additional resources.

We hope to have the 8-Week Group Course in 2018, but unfortunately we cannot say for certain when that will be, so we’ve thought about how to make sure you can still get the support and tools that you need.

This is the alternative option:
The Independent Study Course PLUS After Course Support (6 months of support) for the same price as the 8-week group course.

The Independent Study Course is the same as the 8-Week Group Course, but without the weekly group calls and the Facebook group. But, After Course Support fills in that gap, providing you with group calls where you can receive live coaching from me – Kathryn (and Cookie when she is able to return), and a Facebook group where you can receive support. Additionally, After Course Support includes some valuable extras that are not included in the 8-Week Group Course.

The price of the Independent Study Course is $199, and After Course Support is also $199.  So, the total price for both is $398. (Remember that includes 6 months of support!)
In comparison, the 8-Week Group course is $399 

Click the following links to get more information about the Independent Study Course & After Course Support, and also keep reading below because I will compare this option to the 8-Week Group Course in more detail:

Get more information about the INDEPENDENT STUDY COURSE
Get more information about AFTER COURSE SUPPORT

If you are ready to sign up, you can start by registering for the Independent Study Course HERE. Then, you’ll get access to the course website, and on the course website, you will find a link to sign up for After Course Support

Here are the features of Independent Study Course, and how they compare to the features of the 8-Week Group Course:

8 Lessons: The lessons in the Independent Study Course are all exactly the same as the lessons in the 8-Week Group Course. Each lesson includes 1 audio (approximately 30 minutes) plus 2 or more worksheets. With the Independent Study Course, you get all 8 lessons right away and you pick your own pace (in the 8-Week Group, one lesson is released per week).

Coaching Audios:  Fourteen short audios that you can listen to daily to keep you motivated and focused. This feature is the same in both the Independent Study Course and the 8-Week Group Course.

Q&A Library:  Answers to 24 of the most common questions you may have as you learn to dismiss binge urges and eat adequately. This features is the same in both the Independent Study Course and the 8-Week Group Course.

*As mentioned earlier, the Facebook group and the group calls are the only features you would have received in the 8-Week Group Course that you will not receive in the Independent Study Course, but you can receive those resources in After Course Support.

Here is what you will get in After Course Support, and how that compares to the 8-Week Group Course:

Group Calls:  2 group calls per month for 6 months (as opposed to one call per week for 8 weeks in the 8-Week Group Course). That’s 12 total group calls for After Course Support that you can participate in. *Plus, you get access to all previous After Course Support call recordings (as explained below under Group Call Recordings). In both After Course Support and in the 8-Week Group, you can submit questions in advance if you cannot be on the call.

Facebook Group: You will be added to a secret Facebook group with current members of After Course Support and former members of the 8-Week Group Course. I will post discussion prompts once or twice per week. This Facebook group is for member-to-member support; I do not answer questions or provide coaching in this Facebook group, coaching is done on the group calls. The members of the Facebook Group are very supportive and knowledgeable. (In the 8-Week Course, Cookie and I do answer questions and provide coaching in the Facebook group, and post daily).

Group Call Recordings:  This is a huge benefit of After Course Support!  There are currently 33 call recordings (approximately 1 hour each) and we add to it every other week. Cookie and I have coached members on countless topics, and you should be able to find answers to anything you are struggling with on these recordings. If you don’t, I can coach you on the live calls! In the 8-Week Group Course, you do not get access to these 33+ recordings, you get recordings of the 8 calls that are part of the 8-Week Course.

10 Additional Audios and Worksheets: In After Course Support, you get extra audios based around topics that often come up during and after recovery. These 10 audios and worksheets are not included in the 8-Week Group Course. The audios cover topics like “body-acceptance,” and “overcoming fear and self-doubt.”

After Course Support is designed to be used after the completion of the Independent Study Course (or the 8-Week Group Course), so we recommend that you go through all 8 Lessons prior to joining After Course Support. We want to make sure the members of After Course Support have the strong foundation and base of knowledge that the course provides.

You will pay for the Independent Study Course and After Course Support separately.  You need to purchase the Independent Study Course first, and after you get access to the course website, you will find a link to purchase After Course Support, whenever you are ready.

FAQ’s about the Independent Study Course + After Course Support option


1.  How do I sign up? 
You can sign up for the Independent Study Course HEREThen, you’ll get access to the course website, and there on the course website, you will find a link to sign up for After Course Support, whenever you are ready. The link to learn about After Course Support that I’m including HERE is for informational purposes, there is no payment or registration link. You must purchase the Independent Study Course first, because After Course Support is designed to be a follow-up to the course itself.  It is strongly encouraged (but not required) that you go through the 8 lessons of the Independent Study Course before using the link to sign up for After Course Support.


2.  When are the After Course Support calls? 
The calls are on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month (with exceptions surrounding US holidays) at 10amET, 9amCT, 8amMT, and 7amPT in the US, and 3pm in the UK.


3. How long do I have access to the Independent Study Course and After Course Support?  
You get 1 year of access to the Independent Study Course on the course website, but you can download anything you want to save for the future. The audios are in MP3 format and the worksheets are PDF’s. For After Course Support, you will have access to the materials on the website and the calls for as long as you are a member. You will sign up initially for a 6-month membership in After Course Support, but there is an option to continue on a month-to-month basis after that (for $29 per month). You will also retain access to the Independent Study Course beyond 1 year if you are still in After Course Support.


4. Can I dial in to the group calls in After Course Support even if I’m outside of the United States? 

Absolutely!  We have local phone numbers for 54 countries, which makes calling in just like placing a call in your own country (email me, kathryn@brainoverbinge.com, if you want to confirm that your country is included).  We also have a web-based option if your country is not included, or if you’d rather place the calls on your PC or through a smartphone app. We use Zoom as our conferencing service, but our calls are audio-only, not video. 


5. You said the Facebook group is “secret,” what does that mean?  Will my Facebook friends be able to see that I’m in the group?

Secret groups, like our After Course Support group, are not visible to others in your personal profile or timeline. No one can see that you are in the group, except the other members. Within the group itself, the other members can see whatever your public profile is, unless you add group members to your “friends.” Secret groups have the highest privacy settings. Here is Facebook’s description of the privacy settings:  https://www.facebook.com/help/220336891328465?helpref=about_content . If you are very concerned about privacy, you are welcome to create a separate Facebook account with a fictitious name to use only with the group.


6. Will I need to buy your book, the Brain over Binge Recovery Guide, from Amazon in order to complete the course?

You do not need either of my books to complete the course. The course gives you everything you need in a guided way (through the lessons, worksheets, coaching audios, and Q&A library). In each lesson of the course, I list “optional” reading from the Brain over Binge Recovery Guide, but it’s not required to be successful in the course.


7. I’m worried this is not going to work for me, because I’ve been binge eating for many years. 

It’s definitely possible to end the habit no matter how long you’ve been binge eating; but if you have a longstanding habit, it will likely take more practice, patience, and support as well. When the habit is well-entrenched, it typically doesn’t just shut off like a switch, but instead it takes training and a willingness to be consistent and get right back on track after slips.There isn’t anything in the course that is specifically geared toward someone with a longstanding habit, but everything is geared toward someone who wants to learn, practice, and be consistent until they are free of binge eating. The people who are the most successful are the people who make a commitment to do every lesson and worksheet, and listen to the short coaching audios daily. I cannot guarantee that the course will end your longstanding habit, but giving yourself the course resources, calls, and Facebook group gives you a support system and tools that can help you be successful.

To sign up, you can start by registering for the Independent Study Course HERE ($199). Then, you’ll get access to the course website, and on the course website, you will find a link to sign up for After Course Support.  After Course Support is discounted to $199, and includes 6 months of support (which comes out to only $33 per month!)


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