AUTHOR PHOTOI’m Kathryn Hansen, and I recovered from bulimia over 13 years ago. I am now dedicated to educating and empowering women and men who struggle with all forms of binge eating. My first book, Brain over Binge: Why I Was Bulimic, Why Conventional Therapy Didn’t Work, and How I Recovered for Good, became a goal of mine during my worst days of bulimia. I vowed that if I ever found a way to recover, I’d write about it in the hope of helping even one person struggling with the same horrible problem.

I was overwhelmed with the response I received from readers of Brain over Binge–women and men who found complete recovery using the same brain-based concepts that helped me stop binge eating. I also received many questions and requests for more information, which solidified my desire to write a second book on the topic.

I completed my second book, The Brain over Binge Recovery Guide, in January 2016.  This new book moves beyond sharing my own story and insights to helping readers discover what works best in their unique situation. I was fortunate to have smart and insightful women contribute valuable information to this new book–including Amy Johnson, Ph.D–who has coached binge eaters for years, using the principles from Brain over Binge.

With both of my books, I aim be an alternative voice in the field of eating disorders—teaching brain-based reasons for why binge eating occurs, and departing from mainstream ideas that say eating disorders are the result of underlying emotional/psychological problems and require years of therapy to fix.  I do not believe bulimia and binge eating disorder are diseases, but instead very natural, but “primitive” brain responses to restrictive dieting and the repeated overconsumption of highly stimulating foods.

I teach readers how to take back control from the primitive part of their brains, and use their higher cognitive power to chart a path to recovery in the most efficient way possible. My goal is to make recovery attainable for anyone who wants to live free of binge eating.

There isn’t anything special about me. I don’t cope better with life than others; I have my share of problems–big and small, physical and emotional–and I don’t even eat perfectly!  But, my bulimia is a distant memory.


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