Would you love to stop binge eating for good?

Here’s what you’ve been waiting for!

Kathryn Hansen, author of the groundbreaking Brain over Binge books, and Master Coach and author Cookie Rosenblum, have teamed up over the past couple of years to offer an 8-Week Group Course to help women and men end binge eating.  

That course has been such a big success and has changed so many lives that Kathryn and Cookie decided to offer the same valuable information from the Brain over Binge 8-Week Group Course in a format that is designed for you to use independently, in a way that truly fits your life.  

The new Brain over Binge Independent Study Course contains all of the same audio and written lessons, organized into an empowering, self-paced online guide.


  You will get 8 simple and effective lessons (plus extra resources!) that you can complete over 8 weeks, or in any way that works for you. You get to decide the pace that makes sense for your own recovery! Here is what you will receive:


Each lesson contains an in-depth audio to help guide you in understanding and applying the core concepts. 


Simple, intuitive, and empowering worksheets help you dive deep into the material and make it work for you


All course material is easily accessible from any device. Work on your recovery anytime and anywhere, independently and privately. 


We give you an extensive Q&A library covering 24 of the most common issues that may come up during the course.


Recorded mini coaching sessions (14 total), to help you stay focused and motivated to acheive your goals.


You get immediate access to ALL course material. The lessons are simple to download and save, in case you need them after 1 year.

“The course material is clear, well organized, and topical. This is so helpful because if there is one area I'm struggling with, I can go right there for help. I love the audio lessons because they are just the right length and I can listen to them as I commute or take a walk. I love audio learning and it's really helpful to have them when I need them. 

The worksheets are also really helpful for fleshing out my own situation and goals. They are well designed with great questions, leading me to answers I didn't even know were in me. And the Q & A library is such a smart addition. I love being able to find answers to specific questions that I have.” -Helen (Course Member)

Just imagine if you could:  

  • Finally understand exactly why you have urges to binge
  • Know what to do when those urges arise
  • Stop responding to the urges, rendering them powerless, and putting yourself back in charge of what you do and how you live
  • No longer think you need to follow a set of rigid rules that someone else created  
  • Uncover and remove all of the roadblocks that have prevented you from being completely binge free, even if you’ve binged for many years
  • And, most importantly, get your life back and start seeing the possibilities for yourself, instead of having so many limitations due to binge eating

Here’s how to know if this course is for you: 

  • You love the Brain over Binge books, podcast, and blog, yet you want extra guidance organized in a way that is refined from personally helping hundreds of others recover. 
  • You want instruction on how to use the Brain over Binge concepts in your everyday life.  
  • Your schedule does not allow you to participate in a weekly group. You would like to have all of the lessons and resources to use whenever you are ready for them, with no waiting.  
  • You feel more comfortable and have more insights when you work independently and privately. 
  • You want to go deeper into things that challenge you. The course worksheets will help you dive into the material you find challenging and help you apply what you’re learning.  
  • You are searching for a simple, efficient and effective approach to stopping binge eating.

It’s all right here! Straightforward information and tools that work!  

A Word From The Coaches

Kathryn Hansen

“After my own recovery, I began writing books to help others learn how to take back control of their lives and make recovery attainable for anyone who wants to live free of binge eating. This new course provides the personalized guidance asked for by so many of you."

Cookie Rosenblum

“I work to help people overcome many different eating issues, including binge eating. I love seeing my clients and the women and men in our groups achieve success, and I know that the Independent Study Course will allow you to have that same success."  


  • You are tired of allowing bingeing to consume your life.
  • You know you are capable of showing up as a person who can be peaceful and happy, without a dark shadow covering everything you try to do. 
  • You know if anyone else can do this, then it’s possible for you (we truly believe this!)  
  • You no longer want to see yourself as a person who binges.  

It's time to turn the page on the binge chapter of your life and see what’s possible for you!

You can start using this innovative and groundbreaking new resource today. 


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