So, How Do I Lose Weight?

If you’ve read my books or followed my blog, you know that I don’t believe dieting is the answer, but I also don’t ignore the question.

It’s a reality that binge eaters are often well over the weight that is best for their unique body. Setting unrealistic goals and expectations is of course not advisable, but if that extra weight doesn’t naturally and gradually come off after binge eating stops, it can make dieting seem alluring.

That is why staying focused non-dieting strategies is key.  But, what does “non-dieting strategies” mean, exactly?  Is reducing excessive portions, too-frequent treats, and/or soda, dieting?  Is focusing on eating a variety of healthy foods, dieting?  If done with the right mindset, not at all.

I did an interview with registered dietitian and nutritionist Paige Smathers on her Nutrition Matters Podcast, and then found a wonderful article she wrote which explains the mindset needed for non-dieting weight loss. It briefly sums up how to make changes that are sustainable and realistic, not restrictive; and I hope that reading it will help you start thinking about weight loss in a new way.

Another resource for non-dieting weight loss, that I recommend in my second book, is Cookie Rosenblum’s Real Weight Loss for Real Women.  Cookie has a coaching group (The Freedom Group) for those wanting support in implementing a non-dieting approach.  Cookie helps people get in touch with their hunger and fullness cues, and learn to rely on internal cues for eating instead of external ones.  She also helps people manage overeating and emotional eating, which can aid in weight loss after binge eating stops.