Radio Interview

    I had my first radio interview to discuss Brain over Binge on Saturday, April 2nd on “The Good News Health Show” out of Austin, TX. Click here to listen to the show (my interview begins when the time reads 1:36:30.)  As this was my radio debut, I was very nervous, as you can probably tell from the audio:-) I tend to talk fast anyway, so I need to teach myself to calm down and slow down. Overall, I think it went well and I hope my message reached some people. 

   On a funny side note, I conducted this interview on an tennis court next to my son’s tennis lesson. I had the wrong time for the show (I can be a bit absent minded at times:-)), so the call from the station was a huge surprise.  Luckily, my friend was there and watched my kids while I darted off to the corner of an empty court.  So much for those notes I’d prepared the night before!