Podcast Q&A Episodes (Upcoming!)

Today’s post involves something new I’m doing on the Brain over Binge Podcast, starting in 2018. I’m going to begin having a Q&A episode once per month, where I pick one or more listener questions to discuss. You will be able to submit questions anonymously through a link that I will include in my monthly newsletter. I will look at all of the submissions each month and decide which question(s) to address on the podcast.  *For instructions on how to receive the newsletter, see the end of this post.

I hope the Q&A episodes will be beneficial and allow you to gain clarity and insight into various issues that may come up during recovery.  These episodes will be more relaxed and conversational than previous episodes, which some of you have requested.

If you have not yet explored the podcast, I encourage you to start at the beginning with Episode 1, because I (along with my co-host, Cookie Rosenblum) explain all of the basics of the Brain over Binge approach in a linear way through the first 11 episodes. After Episode 11, the shows are no longer linear so you can listen to whatever topics appeal to you on a given day. Even if you’ve already read one or both of my books, the podcast is a good compliment to that, and many listeners have told me that the podcast helps reinforce key points from the books.

I am excited to bring you the new Q&A episodes, and I hope that I will be able to group questions together so that I can answer as many as possible. There are a couple things that you need to know before submitting a question: First, there is no guarantee that your question will be picked, and second, please understand that my discussions on the podcast are not a substitute for medical advice, nutritional advice, or any form of professional therapy.

I will still bring you interviews on the podcast, and other episodes where I discuss relevant topics; but the schedule for that will look a little different in 2018.  Stay tuned to the podcast for updates and details!

It’s hard to believe, but the Brain over Binge Podcast will already be 1 year in December!  It’s been an amazing journey and I thank all of you who have listened! I appreciate the kind feedback many of you have given me, and I hope you continue to find it valuable.

Here are the simple instructions for receiving the newsletter and submitting a question:

  1. Get my free eBook HERE and this will automatically add you to the email list for the newsletter. 
  2. Look for the Brain over Binge Newsletter on the 1st of every month (if you do not receive it, please check your spam folder).
  3. In the monthly newsletter, click on the link to submit a question to the podcast!

*The first Q&A episode will be on January 2, 2018  UPDATE:  January 9th!