Personal Update

    The goal of this blog is to share research, news, and insights that I hope will help binge eaters recover; but from time to time, I’d like to include posts with a more personal tone. In my book, I talk about some of my life experiences, my family and friends, and even some of my shortcomings and stressors; so I feel it’s only fitting to do the same on my blog.  

     It’s been a stressful few weeks for me, which may explain my infrequent posts. My husband recently had two surgeries to correct sleep apnea, the more difficult one being on Feb. 17th. It’s been a painful and difficult recovery process for him, as well as an adjustment for the kids (and me) to have their daddy laid up for a while. The kids did a great job of taking care of him though, and my 4-year-old especially enjoyed bringing him lots of “7-Sprite” (technically it was just Sprite, but I guess he’s heard us say 7-Up before, so he’s combined the two; and we don’t bother to correct him because it’s so cute).

    Adding some complication to the surgery was a plumbing issue in our home. A few days before Greg went in for surgery we noticed some water leaking from the back of the house onto our patio, and after a visit from a plumber, we discovered it was a faulty, leaking pipe in our kitchen wall. Half of the kitchen had to be ripped out – drywall, cabinets, sink, dishwasher, and counter tops. We found extensive damage and mold that had gone unnoticed because it was hidden. We had to take the kids out of the house immediately and go stay with relatives while the mold was cleaned and the walls dried. We have no way of knowing how long the mold was there, but we can guess based on respiratory symptoms our kids had. The two older ones who spend time playing and eating in the kitchen had been coughing for about 3 months straight, especially at night, and no one in our family was getting much sleep because of this (well…and because of a new baby who does not yet sleep through the night). We had tried humidifiers, medication, and other remedies, but nothing worked and it had become discouraging. Thankfully, as soon as the mold was cleared, their coughs disappeared almost immediately.

   My baby did not sleep well away from her environment while we stayed with relatives, adding to the challenge of taking care of the kids and Greg after his surgery, and trying to manage the cleanup at our house. It took a toll on me I guess, because a day after we settled back in our house, and I began cleaning it frantically because we were expecting company to arrive in two days, I developed a rash on my back that became very painful. I went to the doctor and she immediately diagnosed me with shingles, which is usually brought on by stress. For me, it’s not such a big deal – it was a mild case, and I recovered quickly; but it’s concerning because shingles and chicken pox are brought on by the same virus, so it’s possible my baby could develop chicken pox from having contact with me while I had shingles, as she has not yet had the chicken pox vaccine. I was extremely careful around her once I received the diagnosis, but I am very worried she will come down sick. The incubation period for the virus is about two weeks, which means if she is going to develop chicken pox, it will be in the next few days. I’m trying not to worry and hope for the best.

   In better news, the kids and I are currently staying with my family in New Orleans to celebrate Mardi Gras. After Hurricane Katrina, my parents moved into a small condo because at that time, they didn’t have use for a lot of space. Little did they know, five and a half years later, they would have 6 grandchildren! My sister is also here with her three kids, and we are finding that 6 kids age 4 and under is a challenge in a 700 square foot condo (and by a “challenge,” I mean complete chaos!). But all of the craziness is worth it to see their faces light up at the parades as the floats and bands pass, and to witness their excitement when they catch a bead, cup, or stuffed animal. Mardi Gras was a tradition for me and my sister growing up and we want the same for our kids, even though we don’t live here anymore. I love Mardi Gras and this city. We will be here another week then head back to Phoenix; and when we get there, hopefully our kitchen will be functional again:-)     


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