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The goal of this blog is to share research, news, and insights that I hope will help binge eaters recover; but from time to time, I’d like to include posts with a more personal tone. In my book, I talk about some of my life experiences, my family and friends, and even some of my shortcomings and stressors; so I feel it’s only fitting to do the same on my blog.  

     In 8 days, my life will change in a big way.  Our family is moving across the country.  I am very excited about it because our move will bring us closer to my family (at least in driving distance); but I’m also a bit sad about leaving a place where we’ve had so many good memories, and I find myself overwhelmed by the packing process. I have been incredibly busy and stressed trying to prepare  for the move while still trying to meet the needs of my 3 kids day to day.  Luckily, Max (4) has been very interested in helping me pack, and he motivates me to keep going when I want to quit.  Last night when I was kissing him goodnight he asked me if we could pack 83 boxes tomorrow.  I’m not sure we have that much stuff left to pack! Amelia (3) isn’t quite as enthusiastic about the whole process.  I often try to pack when she is not watching because she tries to argue with me about why she “needs” everything that I am putting in boxes.  (“But, mommy, I was about to use that!”  Really, Amelia, you were going to use the crock pot?).  

     All the walls in the house are bare, some things that were meaningful to  us have been sold or given to Goodwill.  It’s easy to get sentimental about things, but ultimately, this is what I’ve wanted for a long time and what we believe is right for our family.  A few days ago, I was feeling a bit down about leaving; but within five minutes of those feelings arising, a police helicopter began circling our neighborhood.  There were also police searching on foot very close to our house.  I don’t know- nor do I think I want to know –  for who/what they were searching. I quickly brought the kids upstairs where we stayed for a very tense hour until the helicopter left.  After that, I stopped being sentimental.  If only for the sake of our children’s safety, we need to get out of here.  There is crime outside and we have had a problem with scorpions inside (ahh!).  It’s difficult to live where you don’t feel at ease inside or outside your own home, and I’m hoping all of that changes in 8 days.  

     As if packing and moving isn’t enough, my baby and husband are both recovering from surgery.  My daughter (9 months) had neurosurgery last Friday to remove a dermoid cyst (benign) from the side of her head.  Thankfully, everything went well and her incision is healing well.  As hard as the day was, being at the children’s hospital reminded me just how lucky we are to have healthy children.  My husband’s surgery was for sleep apnea – this was his 3rd and easiest, and hopefully final procedure.  The kids enjoyed visiting him in the hospital, mainly because they got to watch a movie on the TV in his hospital room.  He is home now and doing well.  

     In the midst of all of these happenings, I released an eBook version of Brain over Binge.  It’s currently available on Amazon (Kindle) and Barnes and Noble (NOOK), and will be coming soon Apple’s iBookstore, and Kobo books. Because I’ve been so incredibly busy lately, I didn’t get to oversee the eBook conversion process like I would have wanted to. Only after it went on sale did I have a chance to proofread it more closely, and I noticed some places where the file was converted incorrectly and not caught by the conversion team. All of the errors are very minor and none of them should affect the content of the book at all, but I still wanted to apologize to any reader who has noticed them. A new, error-free, version should replace the other one on Amazon and B&N in a week.  I was letting the errors bother me a lot, but then I got emails from two readers saying the book was very helpful to them – not that they noticed the errors.  This made me feel better and realize that it’s the content that matters, not that there are a few random dashes in the middle of words that shouldn’t be there; so I’m trying not to let my perfectionism get the best of me.    

     I will do my best to update this blog while we are moving and transitioning.  I am looking forward to starting this new chapter in our lives.       

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