An alternative approach to binge eating recovery

One-on-One Coaching:  Get Personalized Help When You Need It

“Desperately trying everything to be free from binge eating, I attempted reading books, to getting a meal plan from a PT and even attending psychology sessions, all which left my recovery seeming hopeless. A spark of hope lit in up in my spirit as I began reading Julie’s reviews and practice. Julie brings so much passion, positivity, and hope to every session. She has helped me to transform the way I entirely view myself, the eating disorder and food. Julie goes above and beyond our sessions to keep me accountable, with emails and check ins, which has always proved her investment into my full recovery. I look back and honestly cannot fathom how far I have come. I am proud to say that I have complete food liberty and am free of that destructive, cycling habit that once controlled my life!”  – Chiara