New Book Available (in Paperback) on Amazon

My new book, The Brain over Binge Recovery Guide: A Simple and Personalized Plan for Ending Bulimia and Binge Eating Disorder is now available in paperback format on Amazon. The Kindle version will be coming soon (by Jan 25th), and I will announce on the blog/website when it’s available. (*This title is not in bookstores. I self-publish, and my books are for sale online only*)

Here is a preview of the beginning of the book. It contains the Contents, Foreword, Preface, and Important Considerations/Disclaimers. I hope it will help you get a feel for the book and decide if it is right for you.

If you’ve already purchased the workbook (PDF), you will recognize some similar elements in the first part of “The Brain over Binge Recovery Guide” (regarding dismissing urges to binge). I wanted the Recovery Guide to be comprehensive, so I carried some of the workbook writing prompts and discussions over, added much more depth and information; then included many new chapters/sections regarding how to go about eating normally, and addressing other challenges that binge eaters often face.

I truly hope many of you find this new book helpful in your journey to freedom from binge eating.

*To those who aren’t friends with me on facebook , I announced that the Kindle version of my original book, Brain over Binge, is on sale for $2.99 for the month of January. The new book is a companion volume to the old one, however, you do not have to read the former for the latter to make sense to you*)