*NOTICE*  The Brain over Binge forum will be closing for new members at the end of May, 2016.  Existing members can continue to post on the forum for two months after that. The forum will close permanently on August 1st, 2016.

The forum has served it’s purpose of being a place for binge eaters and recovered binge eaters to give and receive support, but due to liability issues, financial costs of keeping the forum ad-free, and the fact that it’s not private (although it is anonymous) have led to this decision.


About the Forum:

I created this forum after several readers requested that there be a place to discuss ideas. Note that this is a place to share thoughts with others, not a place to receive counseling or medical advice. I do not personally post on the boards. If you would like to contact me with a question/comment that is not addressed in the FAQs or the books, please email me at (Response time is currently about 2 weeks. Thank you for your patience!)

If you are looking for one-on-one help, please refer to the coaching page, or the list of resources for direct support listed at the bottom of the FAQ page.

**Warning about Medical Concerns (Read Before Posting): Eating disorders can cause serious medical problems which are not to be taken lightly. The opinions and advice on the Brain over Binge forum are those of the individual members, and not to be used as a replacement for medical attention. If you are experiencing symptoms that concern you, please seek appropriate medical attention immediately. This forum is not a substitute for medical advice.