Need help staying on track with the Brain over Binge approach?

Let me be your Audio Coach! 

I'm Kathryn Hansen, author of the Brain over Binge books, and I want to keep you focused and motivated as you end the binge eating habit...

That's why I've created: RECOVERY GOALS COACH  

*These audios are designed to provide supplemental coaching for you while you are using the Brain over Binge concepts, so it is assumed that you have some familiarity with Brain over Binge.  

What is Recovery Goals Coach?

This is a set of 14 audios in which I coach you through the two recovery goals of the Brain over Binge approach: Dismissing Binge Urges and Eating Adequately.

Each day, a coaching session will be delivered to you via email, and/or your podcast app, so that you can always keep recovery in the front of your mind.

Recovery Goals Coach is also a personal webplayer, so you can easily access your sessions after your 14 day coaching series ends. You will have access to the webplayer for 1 year, but you can download and save any audios you want to keep beyond 1 year.

"These are little gems delivered to me everyday. A gift from the Universe...and Kathryn of course!" - Lily

Recovery Goals Coach is available for only $39.99


Course members: If you've participated in the Brain over Binge Independent Study Course, the 8-Week Group Course (since August 2017), or After Course Support, you already have these coaching audios. What would be new for you is the delivery option to receive the audios via email, and/or podcast app. If you want this delivery option, please send an email to for a special rate for course members.

How Will Recovery Goals Coach Help You?

  • You will receive daily encouragement and inspiration when you need it most.

  • You will be able to reinforce what you've learned in the Brain over Binge books, podcast, or course. 

  • You can get some quick coaching in the midst of a busy day, to remind you of what you need to do to stop binge eating.

"A little reminder goes a long way, especially in recovery. Just listening to the mantras about dismissing urges in the morning helped set the tone for my whole day. I especially enjoyed the “eating adequately” audios when I was preparing food, eating and cleaning up after dinner, often playing them over again a couple of times" - Diane

What's Included?

  • Each of the 14 audios are 5-7 minutes long, and act as daily "sessions" to center your mind on one of the recovery goals. 

  • 7 of the audios focus on Recovery Goal 1 (Dismissing Binge Urges), and 7 of the audios focus on Recovery Goal 2 (Eating Adequately).  

  • Each audio has a central focus, so that you are coached through a different aspect of dismissing urges or eating adequately.

"I loved the daily coaching audios because the message was short and helped me focus on just one thing - I can easily get overwhelmed. Good to get an easily accessible link as a reminder." - Kasey

The focus of the coaching audios includes topics like: Motivations, Key Reminders, Visualizing Success, and Building Lasting Change 

After purchase, you will receive an email with instructions and a ACTIVATION CODE to use to start the audio subscription when you are ready.  

If you like the 14-day audio delivery, you can restart it as many times as you want for a small fee. Or, you can simply continue listening to the audios from your webplayer, podcast app, or save them to your device. 

The audios are yours to listen to in any way that fits your life, and supports your own recovery!

"These daily audios are fantastic. They offer a constant source of support, motivation, and inspiration through the recovery process. I love that I can go back to them daily to help me on this journey." - Vera