Drug Addict Status

If you are a binge eater, even if you have never seen the research, you know that there are similarities between food addiction and drug addiction. A recent study showing that you can get hooked on food the same way you can get hooked on drugs. This study found what binge eaters sense – that in […]

Evolutionary Love of Fat

        A new study found a possible mechanism that drives us to overeat fat.  You can read the details of the study here:      In short, this study explains (in terms of biological reactions, namely in endocannabinoid signaling in the brain and gut) what we all experience – the drive to have […]

Listen to Your Body?

When my son Max (who is now 4) was about 2 years old, he began asking me during mealtime:”can I be done?” At first, I’d just asked him if he’d had enough, and if he said “yes,” I’d let him leave the table. However, he soon began asking “can I be done?” after the first […]

Is it only me?

I’ve kept all of my journals from when I had an eating disorder, and from time to time I’d like to include some of my old entries. When I was feeling especially low during my college years, I’d often write poems, most of which are rather depressing and emotional. In therapy, I’d learned to connect my […]

A “Life-Long Disease” (at 18?)

Yet another example of how the mainstream media portrays eating disorders: A news story broke today about 18-year-old Disney star, Demi Lovato, who admitted she suffers from an eating disorder. She recently spent nearly 3 months in a rehab treatment facility; and in her interview, she said she believes her eating disorder is a “life-long […]

Dopamine and Urges to Binge

A recent brain imaging study, published in the journal of Obesity, showed the brain chemical dopamine may be a factor in binge eating (to read an article explaining the study in detail, click here.)  Dopamine – which is linked to reward and motivation – was found to spike when binge eaters merely saw or smelled a favorite […]

The Anorexic and Bulimic “Voice”

It is my belief that in bulimia/BED, the urges to binge are the one and only cause of binge eating. Most of the time, these urges have a “voice” – one that sounds like your own – which strongly encourages the destructive eating behavior. In bulimia/BED, the woman usually views the voice as her enemy; […]

Dr. Oz, Food Addiction Segment

My last blog talked about how the pop culture media portrays eating disorders, and this blog will be about what the experts in the media say. What sparked this post was yesterday’s segment on Dr. Oz about food addictions (watch the Dr. OZ food addiction segment here). The link will take you to part 3 […]

Candace Cameron – media portrayal of EDs

Actress Candace Cameron recently revealed her past struggle with bulimia in her new book (click here to read CNN article). I have yet to read her book, and I don’t claim to know anything about her story of bulimia and recovery except for what can be gleaned from brief quotes that were repeated in all […]

New Year’s Resolution

Each year while I was bulimic, I made a New Year’s resolution to stop binge eating.  The part of me that drove the binge eating (my lower brain/animal brain) loved this yearly ritual. It viewed the days leading up to January 1st as one non-stop binge opportunity. I (residing in my rational/human brain) went along with […]

If You Didn’t Have Urges to Binge…

No, this will not be about all the great things you could accomplish if you didn’t have an eating disorder, although I’m sure there are many. This is about why you binge. In my book, I propose the idea that there is only one cause of each and every binge, and that cause is: an […]

NY Times article: Cost of Eating Disorder Treatment

An article appeared on NYTimes.com last week regarding the staggering cost of eating disorder treatment, and the fact that most insurance companies won’t pay for it. Insurance companies deny coverage on the grounds that there is not enough evidence on how to best treat eating disorders. The article above contains a story about a family […]

Virtual Food

The following article discusses a study in which virtual food was shown to elicit the same emotional and physiological responses in anorexics and bulimics as real food. Virtual food causes stress in patients affected by eating disorders This shows researchers that virtual food can be used in the evaluation and treatment of eating disorders.  I […]

“Triggering” Numbers (Weight, Calories), and Portia De Rossi

Portia De Rossi’s (Portia DeGeneres) new eating disorder book Unbearable Lightness has received some criticism for centering too much on weight, calories, and food and exercise rituals. Portia uses numbers (describing her weight, calorie intake, and exercise) extensively, and some critics say there is danger the book will give weight loss “tips” to extreme dieters […]

ED’s and Parenting

     I mentioned in my first blog that I was expecting my third baby very soon, and I want to announce her arrival.  She was born on Oct. 22nd, weighing 6 lbs and 5 oz.  She is doing well, and we are trying to settle into life as a family of five.  My older […]

Halloween Candy

I eat Halloween candy. I also eat many other types of sweets and deserts in moderation, without it being a problem. I don’t think recovery requires me or anyone to eat sweets in moderation, or avoid them altogether. I think that is a personal choice, one that is not exclusive to eating disorders. Everyone has […]

Not Another Excuse

In traditional eating disorder therapy, patients are usually told their binge eating/purging is a symptom of deep underlying issues or a coping mechanism for life’s problems.  I do not believe it is, and I think this philosophy can give binge eaters/bulimics plenty of excuses to continue their destructive behavior.  I believe binge eating is a […]

Alternative Approaches are Needed

The ideas in my book are different from mainstream approaches; however, I do not believe therapy is useless. Traditional treatment does help many people with bulimia / binge eating disorder (BED), but it does not come close to curing everyone. This means that there is room for alternative approaches and alternatives are necessary. In Brain […]

My Book’s Journey: A Mission to Help Binge Eaters

I am awaiting two exciting deliveries: the delivery of the Brain over Binge books to my doorstep, and the delivery of my new baby girl. The baby should arrive in about a week (and we have yet to decide on a name!), and the books should arrive in a little more than two weeks.  Writing this book […]