Episode 42: The Power of Mindfulness in Binge Eating Recovery: Interview with Fernanda (Life on Tellus)

Episode 41: Q&A: Why Can Other People Eat Healthy and Lose Weight?

Episode 40: Body Image and Binge Eating: Interview with Brynn Johnson

Indulging in Food, Part 3: Getting over Overindulging

This is the third and final post in my blog series on indulging in food. If you have not read Part 1 and Part 2, I recommend you do that before continuing with this post. In those previous two posts, I talked about what indulging may mean to you, how you can think about indulging, […]

Indulging in Food, Part 2: It’s Okay, You are Okay

This is the second part of a 3-part series on “indulging” in food. In my last post, I talked about the fact that there is no consensus on what it means to indulge. I gave you two tips for how to think about indulging: First, remember that indulging is not the same as binge eating, […]

Episode 37: Learning to Eat Normally: Interview with Jenn Hand

Indulging in Food, Part I: Reality Check

I’m starting a 3-part blog series on indulging in food. This is a multifaceted topic and I find that it leaves many recovering binge eaters confused. So, I’m going to do my best over the next 3 posts to talk about what it might mean to indulge in food, when it may become problematic, and […]

Episode 35: Fostering a Positive Mindset in Recovery: Interview with Katherine Thomson, Ph.D.

Don’t Break Your Resolutions with Binges

If you have a goal to stop binge eating in 2018, I want to give you some advice that I hope will help you keep that resolution. My advice is twofold: 1.) Prioritize stopping binge eating.    2.) Disconnect stopping binge eating from your other resolutions. Let’s talk first about prioritizing your goal of ending the binge […]

Episode 31: Making Healthy Changes After Binge Eating Recovery: An Interview with Daniel Thomas Hind of EvolutionEat

Look Behind the Scenes to Ease Your Mind

I had a conversation with my daughter a couple of weeks ago that immediately inspired an idea for this blog post.  It all started when my oldest son, who is 11 and not scared of much at all, wanted to watch a trailer of a movie about aliens.  The trailer wasn’t too scary in my opinion, […]

Episode 29: Getting Out of the Diet Cycle: Interview with Lydia the Lifestyle Coach

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