Are You Overthinking in Binge Eating Recovery? (A Spiritual Perspective): Guest Post by Tania Veronese

Today’s blog post is brought to you by Tania Veronese, a qualified Transpersonal Life Coach and Healer who specializes in emotional and binge eating challenges. Tania supports spirit-seekers to reclaim who they have always been and set themselves free.

This post addresses overthinking recovery as it relates to spirituality, but it can apply to so many other recovery issues. I feel that I don’t personally speak about spirituality very well, so I love when I can find someone else to step in and discuss this topic in some way.  This post is so helpful because it shows how even spirituality can possibly get you stuck – if you overthink it.  Tania takes spiritual practice back to basics, and explains how using spirituality in recovery doesn’t have to be complicated.

As you read this, also consider that any recovery “technique” or “strategy” that you overanalyze has the potential to keep you stagnant.  The solution is not in thinking more about the problem and trying harder to fix it, it’s in deeply realizing the nature of your thoughts and urges, and then letting them settle naturally.


Are You Overthinking in Recovery? (A Spiritual Perspective)  – Guest Post By Tania Veronese

I know all too well what it feels like to go into paralysis around my healing journey–especially around trying to fix my binge eating issue.

I took a deep dive onto the spiritual path home to the truth of who I am, and in that process, I began looking at my fear-based thinking and how I could turn it all around. I got caught up in the idea of changing my thoughts, turning my inner critic around into positive thoughts of love instead. So many thoughts. So much to figure out. I felt defeated. Exhausted. I felt like no-one ‘got’ the depth of pain and hardship of binge eating.

In other areas of my life, I seemed to shift swiftly into a more empowered state of love, however the binge eating issue just kept getting worse, the more I tried. The more I tried to control what I was thinking (by turning thoughts of fear into love, in a moment of wanting to devour the peanut butter jar), the more defeated to food I became. ‘There must be something I’m missing,’ I would think.

I drove myself into a space of surrendering to overthinking my healing journey, not only with food, but in other areas of my life too.

I wanted out.

This wasn’t me flowing, trusting and living my true authentic self. This was driving me insane! I started exploring other healing modalities that would ‘save me’ from trying so hard to figure it all out, only to drive me deeper into a space of despair around my binge eating dilemma.

The ‘figuring out’ just got worse as I dove into learning about chakras, meridians and higher spiritual plains of where my blockages around food may be sitting (it makes my head spin just writing this). If this isn’t a grasp for control, I don’t know what is. It’s only now I can see this. But then the day came when Mindfulness entered my life.

I’d been shunning it a little. I was nursing a bold spiritual ego around it now being ‘too mainstream’ for my liking. But when I finally got down off my spiritual high horse,  I was thanking god this ancient baby of a tool entered my life. It offered me immense relief from emotional and binge eating. The idea of ‘letting be,’ not having to fix anything and acceptance with non-judgment, was the peace I was yearning for. And then Brain over Binge came along, only to empower the message of Mindfulness and Jeffrey Schwartz’s scientific research (explained in his books The Mind and the Brain and You Are Not Your Brain).  Brain over Binge essentially ‘saved me,’ gifting me one huge piece of the ‘binge eating issue’ puzzle, that had been missing before.

It was the permission slip I needed to ‘let be’ and to accept the moment as is – my thoughts, feelings, behaviors – everything. From this space only, I am in a peaceful mindset to move towards what I need and desire in the next moment, which is aligned with my true authentic self.

When we learn to surrender and ‘let be,’ along with understanding who we truly are, we can flow forward with grace. I’ll end this post with a quote: “Too much analysis creates paralysis” – Danielle La’Porte

Amen to that.

Give yourself permission to let go of overthinking your healing journey and set yourself free.  

Love Tania xo

Tania writes about the the spiritual journey home on her blog – (No longer available)