Paperback Now Available in the UK

   It is now possible to get a paperback version of my book through Amazon’s UK store.  Here is the link:

I want to say thanks to all of the international readers who purchased the Kindle version. I appreciate your patience and continued support. I hope the paperback is helpful for those of you who like to have an actual book in hand.  

One thought on “Paperback Now Available in the UK

  1. Kathryn, I got your book yesterday, and have been reading it alongside my counselling/psychotherapy course work the entire afternoon and evening. This morning I had breakfast, then cleaned the house up for an hour and read some more. That seems normal to most people. It’s the first time in years that I’ve managed to do this without instantly jumping into majorly destructive bulimic behaviour. There’s a piece of chocolate on the counter, I just walked past it, picked it up and smiled and said ‘ I don’t really care about this’. And I don’t, there is something screaming in the back of my mind, but it’s not me, not grown up, well fed me.

    Whatever happens in the next few days/weeks/months, I’ve woken up today not feeling like I had a mental illness. I have done so much work in therapy that I am now training to become a therapist, all the while questioning whether all the work I had done was a lie. I was still bulimic, after 16 years, I’m still doing this thing, I must be deeply mentally ill… and this morning I woke up realising I’m not. I’m a very mentally healthy, sane, loving, self-aware human being, with a really really loud young animal brain that I’ve been feeding and feeding while tears were running down my face. I’ve fueled it, and I can stop fueling it.

    If anything, the realisation that I’m not sick, that is just an amazing thing to take away from your writing. So thank you, I hope to keep in touch along the road, because this is change is so special to me. And I’m excited! 🙂

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