Interview (with Holistic Health and Recovery Coach, Pauline Hanuise)

I wanted to share a web interview I did several months ago with Pauline Hanuise, an inspirational holistic health coach and recovered bulimic. She is doing some amazing work with her online recovery program for binge eaters, and I want to thank Pauline for using this interview as part of her program.

[ It’s hard for me to not say something self-deprecating before inserting the link…let’s just say I need a lot of work in the area of public speaking, which is on my to do list!  (on a side note: I promise I have normal eyebrows..not sure why they look cut off in this video:-) ]

I hope something Pauline or I say will be helpful to someone watching!




3 thoughts on “Interview (with Holistic Health and Recovery Coach, Pauline Hanuise)

  1. Great interview and you are perfectly articulate! Please let go of the self judgment! You are so helpful to us all! Truly!

  2. I finished reading Part 1 of your book, and stumbled upon this interview. What a blessing, truly. Thank you so very much for your courage in writing your book and continuing to be a help to those who are struggling with bulimia/BED!

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