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  1. I think this FAQ section is fantastic. The one area where I’d love to read more is “I didn’t binge for a week or two after reading the book, but then I started again.” This is me! I feel so motivated when I start, and I’m sure that this time it’s going to work. I get to about day four or five, or once day seven, and then I cave to the urges. You wrote that it took about 3 weeks to feel like the urges weren’t as strong or that you had really conquered them. I can’t seem to get there. Life events happen and I lose it.

  2. I second what Mandelovich said– fantastic new feature, would also love to see more in that “stopped but started again” section!

  3. I agree again with the two comments above.
    I am currently on day 7 today! wahoo!!! but there have been numerous times where I have slipped up around 4-5 and 11 (record) and it is easy to feel more and more disheartened, each time I slip up.
    Do you have any techniques that could allow us to build the strength and keep on going! We all want to quit and sometimes it just feels out of reach, even though we experience small tastes of recovery which are AMAZING

  4. Thanks to all of you for your input! I really appreciate it.

    I’ve added another question/answer under the one the three of you wanted to see expanded. The question is “How do I maintain motivation/progress after the first several days?” I hope the suggestions are helpful!

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