Episode 9: Avoid Restrictive Dieting to Stop Binge Eating

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In this episode, you’ll learn why restrictive dieting is not compatible with binge eating recovery.  Kathryn and Cookie discuss how eating adequately will support your efforts to quit binge eating.

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One thought on “Episode 9: Avoid Restrictive Dieting to Stop Binge Eating

  1. Thank you both SO much for the great podcasts. I stumbled upon them several weeks ago. I am currently in a hospitalized ED program for bulimia. Your book is a profound life changer for me. At 40 years old I would have never imagined still practicing bulimia. I have shared your work with others in the program in Portland. The biggest thing that has been helpful to stick with change is how simply you describe the process. It clicked for me and has been effective. I have been symptom-free with no reacting to urges for over a month! I never thought I would be able to claim that. THANK YOU! Also, your recovery guide has been a HUGE blessing. –kerry

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