Don’t Drink Diet Soda!

     Although this doesn’t have too much to do with recovery from bulimia/binge eating disorder, I wanted to share this article about the adverse affects of diet soda.

     I gave up diet sodas shortly after giving up binge eating, and I’m so glad I did. I am convinced that stuff is toxic! Once I decided to quit, it didn’t take too long for my cravings for it to go away (the experience of quitting binge eating has allowed me to quit other bad habits rather easily, using the same tactics). I have a regular soda maybe 10 times a year, and although I know that’s not good for me either, I’ll take the real sugar any day over aspartame. Just something to think about.        

3 thoughts on “Don’t Drink Diet Soda!

  1. Thanks for the note, I’ll make an edit. I sometimes drank Sierra Mist Natural, or Hansen’s soda, which do have real sugar; but they are the exception.

    Some might argue that HFCS or even real sugar is more harmful than aspartame or other artificial sweeteners; but I personally think aspartame is the worst, because of the possible damage it can do to the central nervous system (

    Like I mentioned, regular soda (whether it contains HFCS or sugar)of course isn’t healthy either, but no one thinks it is. On the contrary, some people drink diet soda thinking they are doing something good for their bodies by avoiding the higher calorie option; and I think it’s important for them to get the message that diet drinks are not a better choice.

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