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     I have received a few requests for there to be a Brain over Binge discussion forum, where readers can go and talk to each other about ideas from the book or other recovery-related issues. 

     I’ve looked at a few different options for this and decided to start with something extremely simple. I am excited about the forum, and I hope it becomes a helpful place for those seeking recovery. You can now begin posting (forum linked at the bottom of this page); but before you visit, please finish reading the rest of this post. 

    Right now, there are only 2 general boards: one titled “Binge eating recovery,” and the other titled “Success Stories.” Please start new threads on the binge eating recovery board to discuss topics of your particular interest relating to recovery, and post on the success stories board if you want to share your own experience with overcoming binge eating.  

   The forum is very basic at this time because I’m opening it on a trial basis. The reason for this is that I have a couple reservations about opening a forum, and I want to test it out before committing to it long-term and making improvements.  

     My first concern is that I currently do not have time to moderate the forum. Usually, the only time I have to be at my computer to blog and/or respond to emails is after my kids go to bed at night; and even then, my time is limited due to having to run errands/clean up from the day/prepare for the next day/and hopefully get a little time to spend with my husband. I will check in on the forum from time to time to make sure content is pro-recovery and appropriate; but if there is an issue with this, I might have to suspend the board until I can get some help with moderation.

     My second concern is that, while I think discussion of ideas and sharing advice and recovery stories can be extremely helpful to many people; I think sometimes forums can risk promoting dependence on others for cessation of binge eating. My book is one of self-recovery, and even though a forum is certainly not incompatible with that, I do worry a little that the forum might unintentionally encourage dependence. With that in mind, please try to keep posts solution-oriented. I know that it can sometimes help to share negative experiences to know that you are not alone with this awful problem and to ask for support/advice, but please work to keep posts moving toward solutions for recovery.      

     Despite those concerns,  I do think a forum has potential for helping people, and I hope the Brain over Binge forum does just that. I hope it’s a place that binge eaters and those who are recovered can go to give/receive support and advice, and encourage each other to overcome binge eating for good. 

Here is the link to the forum:  http://brainoverbinge.proboards.com/

8 thoughts on “Discussion Forum Open

  1. I really appreciate the forum although I understand your concerns. I think your book is 100% the way to go and I am so grateful for the book and your example. I have had difficulty putting it into practice and stopping binging though. Whenever I look around it seems the whole world believes that people binge for emotional reasons and it is easy to get back into that mindset though. A forum where people post what worked for them and can help answer any doubts would be invaluable.

    Also, and this is where I differ from the Rational Recovery mindset-I do think support can help. I’ve done a lot of things solo – trained myself running, done solo rock climbing trips, traveled, trained myself professionally but in some areas it is nice to have buddies as long as the relationships don’t become a substitute for recovery.

    And again – a million thanks for everything you have done for me and others. I can’t say I’m binge free but I can say I have so much more hope and finally sanity around this. I hated therapy with a vengance and also hated the OA philosophy and this offers me a sane alternative

    1. Thanks so much for your kind words. I hope the forum can benefit you and many others. I agree with you that support can be helpful, which is why I hope the forum is a success.

      I am glad the book has given you hope and an alternative to traditional approaches, and I truly hope you can soon say you are binge-free:-)

  2. Dear Kathryn,
    I left a review on Amazon for your book that speaks most of my thoughts, but I also wanted to address you directly here.

    My eating issues have only been in the last two years, but those two years were a condensed version of your experience with bulimia. I spent 14 months on a severely restricted diet. I can’t regret that – 160 extra pounds was impacting my health. But within 6 months of reaching my goal, I was having frequent, frightening, compulsive episodes of binge eating. I had never gone through anything of that sort before, and I was afraid. Was I going to regain back all that weight? I entered therapy within 2 months of the behaviors beginning, and was told I was clearly using food to cope with unpleasant emotions, deep seated issues, et cetera. I felt bewildered. I’d never had those kind of binges before – do you mean to tell me that in 52 years of life I never needed to use food as a ‘coping mechanism’ until now?

    I knew very well that I’d put on all that weight due in part to some fairly severe depression, but it still didn’t ring true that I was somehow now using binge eating to compensate for the issues that caused my depression. I felt that my depression had largely resolved, but the binge eating was sending me spiraling back to it.

    After a time, I commented in therapy that I felt the urges were less frantic now, and I was no longer eating until it hurt. (After reading your book, I recognize that this was the point that the survival-mode eating stopped.) However, I was now back to my pre-weight-loss habitual overeating. I felt despairing, because I was told that until I dealt with my “issues” I was not going to be able to stop my ‘compulsive’ eating. I have regained over 40 pounds WHILE going to therapy that I hoped would help me with weight maintenance and stopping my eating compulsions.

    HA. I got your book last Friday. THERE it was. That was the answer all along…I fell back into an old habit. And I know how to NOT do something – I have proved that I think.

    Since starting to read it I have not once overeaten as I had been doing daily for a year. Today was the real test, as I am back at work, the scene of my worst habitual eating. And I’m doing fine.

    Thank you, Kathryn, so much. I wish you all the best, and a healthy joyful life with your little ones.


    1. Thanks so much, Laura, and thanks for leaving an Amazon review as well. I truly appreciate that. I’m so glad to hear my book resonated with you, and you’ve been able to quickly take control of your habitual overeating. That’s great news! I’m sure you will have much continued success and put this behind you for good.

      Thanks for writing about your experience here, and also for your well-wishes:-)

  3. I will never binge ever again. I’m stronger than just giving into poor habit and I need to respect my body instead of hurting it with unhealthly and sickening amounts of food. As of today, 26 July 2013 at 11:29am, I pledge never again.

  4. Dear kathryn, I am very impressed by what I heard about your book and I hope that it can help me stop binging as well… I just bought it directly on your website (brainoverbinge.com) and paid it with Paypal, but it never asked me to fill out any address where to send it to… I clicked on “Purchase book outside of the U.S., paid and that was it. But I guess you dont know where to send it to… Is there any chance that I can send you a private message with my address? I could not find any impressum to contact you directly, so I had to post it here. I hope you can help me and it does not make you too many circumstances…. Thank you, Melina

    1. Hi! I am so sorry that happened. I checked into it, and there is a shipping address entered. Maybe Paypal already had your information stored, and filled it in automatically? My email address is on my website in the “about the author” section…sorry it’s not more conspicuous! Just to make sure the address Paypal has is correct, email me your address at kathryn@brainoverbinge.com. Thanks, and I apologize for the inconvenience.

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