8-Week Group Course


 Next Course begins early 2019 (exact dates TDB)

8-Week Group Course


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FAQ’s about the 8-Week Group Course

1. I already purchased the Independent Study Course, but I want to do the 8-Week Group Course. Can I transfer or get a discount?

Yes! Please send an email to coaching@brainoverbinge.com to let us know, and you will receive a special purchase link. You will just pay the difference in price between the 8-Week Course and the Independent Study Course.


2. I was a member of a previous round of the 8-Week Group Course. Can I repeat the course again? Will I get a discount?

Absolutely! Some people like to reinforce what they’ve learned, and make sure they stay on a path to recovery. We welcome repeat course members, and you will receive a discount. Please send an email to  coaching@brainoverbinge.com for a special purchase link.


3. The group call time doesn’t work for my schedule. Will I still be able to participate?   

Yes! We’ve had many members successfully participate without being able to be on the group calls. You can submit questions in advance of each call and I will answer them on the call (you’ll receive a recording of every call). I also post in the Facebook group daily (Mon-Fri), and I can answer questions for you there too. The course resources (audio lessons, worksheets, and coaching audios can be accessed online at your convenience throughout the week).


4. How long do I have access to the materials of the 8-Week Group Course?

You will have access to the course website for approximately 6 months. This includes the 8 weeks of the course, plus an additional 4 months for you to download anything you want to save for the future (the course audios are in MP3 format and the worksheets are PDF’s). However, after the 8 weeks, the group calls will end, and Facebook support will also end.


5. Is there an option for getting support and group coaching calls beyond the 8 weeks of the course?

Yes, we have the option of After Course Support, which you can join after the 8-week course. You can learn all about After Course Support HERE.


6. Can I dial in to the group calls in even if I’m outside of the United States?

Absolutely! There are local phone numbers for 54 countries, which makes calling in just like placing a call in your own country (please send an email to coaching@brainoverbinge.com if you want to confirm that your country is included). We also have a web-based option if your country is not included, or if you’d rather place the calls on your PC or through a smartphone app. We use Zoom as our conferencing service, but our calls are audio-only, not video. 


7. The 8-Week Course Facebook group is “secret”… what does that mean? Will my Facebook friends be able to see that I’m in the group?

Secret groups, like our 8-Week Course and After Course Support group, are not visible to others in your personal profile or timeline. No one can see that you are in the group, except the other members. Within the group itself, the other members can see whatever is in your public profile, unless you add group members to your “friends.” Secret groups have the highest privacy settings. Here is Facebook’s description of the privacy settings: https://www.facebook.com/help/220336891328465?helpref=about_content. If you are very concerned about privacy, you are welcome to create a separate Facebook account with a fictitious name to use only with the group.


8. Will I need to buy your book, the Brain over Binge Recovery Guide, from Amazon in order to complete the course?

The book is not required to complete the course. The course gives you everything you need in a guided way (through the lessons, worksheets, coaching audios, and Q&A library). But, in each lesson of the course, there is “optional” reading from the Brain over Binge Recovery Guide, if you want to dive deeper.


9. I’m worried this is not going to work for me, because I’ve been binge eating for many years.

It’s definitely possible to end the habit no matter how long you’ve been binge eating; but if you have a longstanding habit, it will likely take more practice, patience, and support as well. When the habit is well-entrenched, it typically doesn’t just shut off like a switch, but instead it takes training and a willingness to be consistent and get right back on track after slips. There isn’t anything in the course that is specifically geared toward someone with a longstanding habit, but everything is geared toward someone who wants to learn, practice, and be consistent until they are free of binge eating. The people who are the most successful are the people who make a commitment to do every lesson and worksheet, join the group calls or submit questions in advance, and listen to the short coaching audios daily. I cannot guarantee that the course will end your longstanding habit, but giving yourself the support system and tools can help you be successful.

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