Busting the Binge Group Coaching Program

I want to let everyone know that there will be a group coaching program starting April 9th, for anyone who feels like they need additional support quitting binge eating or overcoming any type of problematic overeating.  

Amy Johnson and Cookie Rosenblum.- both life coaches with experience helping women overcome binge eating and other food/weight issues – will lead the group.  They will discuss methods that are in line with Brain over Binge, but Amy and Cookie also bring their own unique expertise, experience, and methods to help you in areas you may be struggling.
To learn more about the Busting the Binge Coaching Program, click here:  http://dramyjohnson.com/busting-the-binge-group-coaching-program/
As a free bonus for this group, I will be doing a Q&A with the participants on May 7th at 8pm EST (after the conclusion of the regular group sessions).