Episode 12: Dismissing Urges to Binge is Not a Dieting Strategy

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In this episode, Kathryn explains that the Brain over Binge approach is not a way to become a better dieter.  You’ll learn not to use the strategy of dismissing urges in a way it is not intended.  Kathryn discusses why you should not try to dismiss true hunger signals, or all cravings for unhealthy food, or all desires to eat in a way that may not be ideal.

Special Notes:

  • Kathryn Hansen will now be the only host of the Brain over Binge Podcast.  Cookie Rosenblum, who co-hosted the first 11 episodes, will return from time to time to discuss topics she specializes in.  
  • The Brain over Binge Podcast will now be released every other week, instead of every week.

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